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An excerpt of a presentation by Black Panther Party founder Bobby Seale titled 'UNFINISHED BUSINESS' delivered at the 45th Anniversary Celebration & Inaugural Ceremony of the Alumni Association of the Black Panther Party - October 28, 2011 in Philadelphia, Pa.

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Social Change into our 21st Century
and our Occupy Wall Street movement

Bobby Seale
Across America  

"From The Sixties To The Future"

· Bobby Seale is the original 1966 Founding Chairman & National Organizer
of the Black Panther Party [BPP], USA. “The Eighth Defendant: of the Great Chicago ‘7’
Conspiracy Trial.” Title to Bobby Seale’s upcoming book.  Also a defendant in the New Haven
Conspiracy to Murder Trial, the charges trumpeted up by the FBI.  Bobby Seale was the FBI’s
sixties>   PUBLIC ENEMY” title to a documentary film by Jens Meurer. Bobby
Seale was a Negotiator @ the ATTICA NY State Prison uprising: Bobby Seale won all political
court room trials except the misdomeanor case of disturbing the peace of the California State Assembly May 2nd, 1967.

 [Also: The Bobby Seale Sixties/BPP Archival Arts Center & Youth Jobs Projects
AERYJP.  Arts &
Environmental Renovation Youth Jobs Projects.

· Producer: SeizeTheTime, LLC: Fourth Coming Feature Film:
The Eighth Defendant:  A Lonely Rage / Death of A Prince   
Bobby Seale’s dissertation documentary:  Rise & Decline of the SIXTIES-BPP Protest Movement.

· 1992 Creator-Director of   THE Bobby Seale REACH Foundation,   
Reclaiming, Recycling and Re-Evolving * 
Ecological Economic Enviro-Empowerment  * 
round  All-Peoples Artistic & Active *
Creative Cooperational  * 
Humanism" {AERYJP}         

Bobby Seale  you tube CNN Interview July 2010:


Within the last two decades plus, the demise of several sixties left radical icons [including Huey P. Newton's death in August of 1989; Abbie Hoffman 1991; Jerry Reubin 1993 & Eldridge Cleaver & Quame Turea in 1998], Bobby Seale, in effect, has become one of the last surviving architects of the most important social change movements in American and African American history, complete with his histrionic political court room trials of that era.

Taking to the stage with his lively charismatic and activist eloquence Mr. Seale illuminates the true sixties birth and youthful intelligentsia of the BPP. Unfolding the pragmatic unknown philosophical range of the sixties protest movement, ["…which grew out of student activism, historical class analysis, scientific research, and programmatic grass-roots community organizing. NOT street life hooliganism as COINTELPRO political conservatism continues to distort…"].

Mr. Seale [and his former BPP member wife, Leslie M. Johnson-Seale who also speaks] transports the audience back to the mini?civil?war turbulence of the late sixties and early seventies. A time when the activism of hundreds of thousands of protesters of many different ethnic groups created coalitions, which included young Black men and women selling hundreds of thousands of "THE BLACK PANTHER" weekly newspaper. Who created numerous community programs and registered thousands to vote, complete with law books in their hands and "legal" guns handy for self defense against racist and fascist police and FBI's planned COINTELPRO vicious overt racist attacks at the time. Today our right to self defense stance is unheard of.

"Today you don't need guns" charges Bobby Seale. "If you want to observe police brutality, use the technology. Network with thousands of cell phone video recorders [from Rodney King to Oscar Grant] and put it all on the internet! Implement real people's economic parity and greater three dimensional direct-democracy complete with real people's community control of police and

"Social change? Organizationally learn to think and act with a "...polylectic nonlinear view. Why? Because today we live in an over developed, fast-paced globalizing high-tech computerized scientific social order. Our ideas, beliefs, understanding and realizations must correspond correctly to reality. Teaching our youth the same for all people's earthly human liberation."
Defining themselves as "revolutionary humanist" Seale and his wife Leslie bring the BPP/Sixties protest movement era full circle showing how times have changed. How we must reach for the future: Demonstrate, Protest, organize real peoples' programs and evolve a greater direct [participatory] community control democracy, void of racist, bigoted or chauvinistic practices. Void of all the extremes of global corporate exploitation. Complete with a profound cyber-space cell phone rights, science-based civil-human rights, and all people's ecological rights activism. Understanding how all civil-human rights issues today are interconnected, intertwined, interdependent, and interrelated with ecological environmental problems, new-millennium political issues, and global economics.



Books by Mr. Seale:

1. SEIZE THE TIME: The Story Of The
              Black Panther Party & Huey P. Newton

2. A Lonely Rage: The Autobiography Of Bobby Seale

  Hickory & Mesquite Smoked Recipes: including veggie-grill, barbeque-quick and very low fat & low salt heart smart barbeque recipies. {A Social Change Fund Raiser book} 

4. "POLYLECTIC REALITY:  The non-linear analytical view: Community organizing in an over developed high-tech computerized globalizing scientific social order.

6. BOBBY SEALE: The Eight Defendant of the Great Chicago Seven Conspiracy Trial: in original screenplay story form.