On the new forth coming book:
Bobby Seale: The Eighth Defendant
Of the [1969] Great Chicago Seven Conspiracy Trial.

The narrative journey into the early years of Seale's life begin here with his childhood, through the USAF, and up to when he and Huey Newton founded the Black Panther Party for Self-Defense in October of 1966, in Oakland California. The Party advocated self-defense of their black community through armed patrols against the wanton murder and rampant police brutality in the Oakland, Berkeley, Richmond and San Francisco communities. The Party's effectiveness as an organizing vehicle allowed it to grow quickly into a national organization, starting with Bobby Seale leading an armed delegation of Party members to the California state capitol building on May 2nd 1967 to protest the state legislatures passing of the Mulford Act, a new law that was designed to keep the Party from legally patrolling the police in the streets of Oakland CA. While Huey P. Newton sits in jail a political prisoner Bobby Seale organized five thousand people into the Black Panther Party in forty nine chapters and branches across the USA.

SEIZE THE TIME "BOBBY SEALE, The Eight Defendant" presents a factual but analytical insight into the tumultuous 1960's and 70's, an era in which Bobby Seale's Black Panthers played a pivotal role in shaping the period. It also creates a character study of fascinating people and the social movements the Panthers created; how they prevailed defending themselves in shoot outs in a world where their lives and those of their communities, and friends and families were constantly threatened and undermined.

The image of Bobby Seale, shackled, chained, gagged, and bound to a chair, in a Chicago courtroom, is one that lives in international and national consciousness. As a fourth coming film it tells the story of how Bobby Seale became the infamous eighth defendant in 1969 Chicago and the first defendant in the Conspiracy to commit murder trial following Chicago, and got there got there, and how he fought tooth and nail and survived. It comes from Bobby Seale's memories in memoirs, with his approval and in his full advocacy voice. As a fourth coming movie also, it offers dramatic and essential insights into our United States history and the conflicts and contradictions that reverberate to this day.
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