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REACH Cinema Entertainment, LLC has been established to produce, "SEIZE THE TIME: "Bobby Seale, The Eighth Defendant" a feature length film that will chronicle the legendary life of internationally acclaimed Bobby Seale, the founding Chairman and national organizer of the Black Panther Party.

Everyone trying to make films get the story of Bobby Seale totally wrong except Bobby Seale himself. Why do they get it wrong? Because there are too many FBI Cointelpro lies and other published written lies and distortions about Bobby Seale. Bobby Seale's screen play reveals the dynamic BPP sixties protest grass roots community programmatic organizing he designed while his friend Huey sat in jail as a political prisoner.

Only Bobby Seale has told the true correct stories and events at more than a thousand colleges and universities across the USA and in many countries he has visited since 1967 through the 70's, when Bobby Seale organized 5000 members in 49 chapters and branches across the USA. A dynamic action adventure, human involvement story from 1962 to the post years of Mr. Bobby Seale's BPP.